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The Rest is Still Unwritten

When will people learn to not make promises if you’re not going to kelp them?

I keep giving myself to people to only be let down in the end. When will I get to truly be content?

Hi there everyone. 

I know I don’t post much except for some images from time to time. I’ll take a break from finals and talk about some new things that have been going on in my life. MOre so, my love life.

* my junior year of college is coming to close, so summer is so close (3 days to be exact)

This semester has been hell; i’ve never written so many papers ever. you’d think i was an English major. 

I decided not to rush this year…maybe i’m meant to be a GDI. According to buzzfeed, I am.

I was talking to a guy (we’ll call him R) for a while. He and I got along really well. We went on a date with him. If you saw my post (that is now deleted) the date was nothing special, he didn;t even pay and my meal was less than 10 bucks. He was basically looking for sex and not a relationship so we haven’t talked since… MArch 1st, and you know, i’m okay with that. 

In between R, I was talking to another guy (we’ll call him J). I started talking to J probably 2 weeks after I started talking to R. J was always super sweet and wanted a chance with me and focused ALL his attention on me. When things didn’t work out with me and R, I was able to see J for the sweetheart he was and he REALLY started showering me with affection and pursuing me. 

J and I went on a date. He took me to a fancy steakhouse spending at least $50 on me and I liked him even more. Conversation was great and he basically asked me on a second date while on our date. Unfortunately, we are going through a rough patch and I am not quite sure if or when things will get better. We shall see, I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll work out in the end. 

Overall, I’m ready for summer, a decent summer job and more adventures with life, friends, and guys. 

Hope all is well with you, lovers. I’ll post again soon! xx